In a bid to belong to some person(s) or some place, please don’t lose yourself. You are a unique identity, with a definite divine mandate and life purpose – with way too much at stake! Live the life you’ve been called to live. Don’t lose sight of it, please.


You know, Jesus seemed to be a ‘regular’ guy. I imagine that he slept at 10-11 pm and woke by 4 am. Normal, huh? He had a group of friends – Normal. He went to and sometimes taught in church. We all belong to one service group or the other – Normal. He paid tax (Normal citizen). He even visited and ate over at his friends’. But you and I know that He was far from Ordinary! So, while it seemed civilized to meet a strange lady by a well and make small talk, for Him it was a deliberate attempt to deliver a lost daughter who will later be instrumental to evangelizing a whole city! Wow! The few minutes chat that Jesus had with the Samaritan Woman was a turning point forever for her and for her townsmen! Now that is someone I really wanna be like – Jesus. For him, a lecture, a job, a chat, making the family’s dinner, waiting on a queue and even encountering a rude customer were all part of his fulfilling mandate. He was always about the Father’s business!

In fewer words, Be ‘regular’ but focused. Seem ordinary but always remember your purpose. You are unique. You are called. You are greatly endowed. And guess what? God has high expectations of you, He believes in you. And since God rewards hard work, you might as well go all the way…


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