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New Beginnings

Don’t we all need second chances and new beginnings?

One day, I wore a beautiful dress to work. It was a regal-looking white gown with brown patterns. The glances of admiration I got as I passed and greeted colleagues and passers-by confirmed what I already thought: I looked good. Then I settled down to take the breakfast that I packed from home… Breakfast is usually small and quick. I enjoyed it all the same; I like good food, lol! But just as I took the last gulp, sllrrrrrp…some of my drink tickled off the edges of its container and settled on my dress! Front and almost center! Shoot! My beautiful dress was marred; my appearance too. Coffee spilled on shirt[Exhale]

I weighed my options. I could ignore it, pretend that the small brown map is part of the designers’ pattern on the dress, at least for today, lol. I could also rush back home and change to another dress. Since I was earlier than usual, I would definitely get back to work in good time.
Long-story-cut-short, I rushed back to change the dress. On my way, an uncle pointed out, ‘Ify, there is something on your dress.’ I blushed, mumbled my thanks and hurried on. A bible verse rolled through my mind then, ‘Come now and let us reason together, said the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow’ [Isaiah 1:18]. I thought about the blood of Jesus, about the precious provision of cleansing that we have in Him.
I think now about Jesus, the man that agreed to be killed so that His shed blood can become the reason for us to have back our lives. You know, before God, we are all doomed to face a death sentence because of our sins. ‘The wages (reward) of sin is death’ [Romans 6:23]. Our only hope will be if someone else takes our punishment. And because ‘the life is in the blood’ [Leviticus 17:11], someone’s blood had to be shed…in our place: so that we won’t have to pay anymore! That was why Jesus died. And He qualified perfectly because He had no sin (His’ was a pure blood). Now, all we have to do is acknowledge our sins, ask Jesus to clean and save us from them and ask Him to become master of our lives (John 1:12).
And like my soiled dress, Jesus will remove the heavy cloak of sin, guilt, death and clothe us with the righteousness of God, fill us with God’s Spirit who will become our constant companion and guardian. Jesus will hold us by the hand and lead us along to our expected end.
Friends, there is no need to manage a broken life, no need to explain away sin, no need to ignore it and pretend that a life headed for eternal death is ‘normal’, no need even to live with the embarrassment of a life without Jesus. You have provision for a new life. The provision is J.E.S.U.S. If you ask Him, He will forgive you, accept you and give you new clothing, a new life. Why not ask Him now?
‘Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I am a sinner. Please forgive all my sins and let the blood that You shed for my sins cleanse me from them. Come into my heart and become my Savior and Master. Clothe me with God’s righteousness; make me a child of God. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.’

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. He is ready to forgive more than 70 x 7 times. Although, you don’t need to rely on this and keep wallowing in wrong doings.
    We should also learn to give people another chance just as Christ does.

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