The Person

You are handsome

What else can be expected

From one so kind, compassionate

Forgiving, considerate, humble?

Overlooking your royal background,

You serve the high and lowly alike

Caring in the small and big ways

Second nature to you are good deeds,

Integrity, fairness and justice

Intelligence and sound wisdom

Ingenuity and creativity

So clean on the  inside and out

How can one be all these and more?

It’s difficult not to love you.


The Prowess

You are unbeatable

What better word can describe

One so strong and powerful?

Those who should have been your equal

Admit in shame that you’re superior

Having been won over and over

Somehow you have a way

Of solving very difficult puzzles

Bringing solutions to world class challenges

Not minding to fight at the warfronts

And none of these is for you

It’s all for the general good, for love

How can one be so enviably awesome?

It IS difficult not to love you


The Pleasures

You are loving

What wondrous effect

For one with a personality as yours

To love me as much as you do

You check to know every detail

And knowing all, you still love

Looking for ways to make me better

To make my life as gorgeous as yours

Encouraging and spurring all the way

When feeling discouraged or beat,

You have just the words and works

And I’m back on track in no time

Ready to conquer the world with you

It’s totally difficult not to love you


The Promise

You are sweet

What else can be said

Of one who goes all the way

To secure the future with his beloved

You bring a better and lasting modus vivendi

For our relationship and that of my folks

Now you are set on a mission

To build our estate and conquer more territory

And ensure our living happily ever after

And I am set on a mission

To learn the love language you understand

To reciprocate this extravagant love

How can one get it and do otherwise?

How difficult not to love you?


And guess what?

I don’t want to not-to love you

My lord and my king

It’s a great honour to be loved by you

And a great pleasure to love you back.

Happy birthday, sweet Jesus.



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