You must have heard of the term ‘body-chemistry’; but do not bother to look up ‘acada-body-chemistry’ just yet. It is my hope that after this piece, you would have understood it and discovered yours as this will be key in your reaching those precious set goals and dreams.

Let’s begin with the compound word, body-chemistry. Angelfire site explains that it has to do with all the processes within our bodies that balance up our system and brings about its wellbeing. This includes the balance of one’s pH, hormone level, blood sugar level and body weight. But that is probably a story for another day.

Now, Acada-body-chemistry: This can be described as the various processes that you as an individual will have to take in order to ensure your academic well-being. Note that these processes are essentially unique to you, they vary from person to person. The academic genetic make-up of two identical twins can be surprisingly different. You will find that your rate of understanding, your speed at assimilating what you have read, what time of the day at which you best grasp what you study, your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) significantly differ from most others’.body chem

Understanding your acada – uniqueness is step 1. Exploiting it for your maximal potential manifestation is the next and even more important step. In this presentation, we shall journey through two aspects of your unique acada – make – up: Time chemistry and Speed chemistry. But first note:


A lot of factors could be responsible for the unique nature of your academic study life; peer or family influence, natural IQ and EQ, academic background, exposure and past teachers’ impact being but a few. But the first point you must bear in mind is that your pattern of studying is NOT a disadvantage, or at least should not be. Much as you would want to be like that best student in your class who has remarkable ability to retain anything without studying over again, or the other girl that can easily ‘cram’ an entire notebook word for word, you must understand yourself and do what works best for you so that you will be at the best of your performance. So if I will lend a word of advice here, ‘Envy no man’. Oh, yes. A psalmist said, ‘…I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well!’ (Psalm 139:14) Smart or not, slow or not, studious or not, analytical or not, day-guy or night-guy, you are specially made by God to show forth His glory in a way that only you can.



This involves knowing what period of the day during which your mind understands and assimilates best at. For some people, it is during the day. They have remarkable ability to sit and work hard for long day-hours but the moment it clocks 9pm, their body systems begin to shut down and if they struggle, it will only be a picture of colossal apology (whatever that looks like, lol). For some others, their best time is at dusk, when men, fowls and the sun have retired and only the chirping of crickets may be heard. Then they settle down to work productively. clock Then, the rest others have the dawn schedule. They would retire for the night and be up before the rising of the sun with clear minds and to a calm environment. Know what time suits you most and work on having that period freed up for your most tasking jobs. However, the most successful people are those who have become flexible and can work at every other time while maximizing their body time chemistry. This is an important balance to strike.



People take in what they learn at different rates. For some, the first time does it. While the professor is talking and scribing on the board, their brains do a photocopy of the lessons and store in their memories. Another group understand during the classes but will need to go over it again to commit it to memory. A good percentage of students fall under this category. A third group are students who do not understand while the teachers first teach. It often takes a deliberate and systematic study to bring them onboard the lessons but once they get it, they hardly ever lose it. One key responsibility of any student in this third group is to take very careful notes of every point made by the teacher as well as examples given. These will be helpful for his systematic study later on. If you study at the frequency of your unique speed, there will be no stopping you, excellence will always be the output.



No matter what rate of study works for you (slow or fast, regardless), you will need to go over your lessons and materials repeatedly. This is the only way to commit what has been learned from the short-term memory part of your brain to the cells responsible for holding long-term memory. Credit-Sergey-Nivens-via-Shutterstock



This is both fundamental and factual. A study-group is a scholar’s gold-mine. So, go ahead to gather a small group of like-minds. Note that all of them must not be equally intelligent but all must have a genuine interest for learning and sharing knowledge. You will find out that some persons in your group may make up for your deficiencies at learning and vice versa. But detailed discussion about the operation and running of a study group may again be story for another day.

In the meantime, your acada-body-chemistry has to be understood and exploited. Could you get on with it now, if you already haven’t?

Still on, towards the top… regardless of whether we trudge, jog or race.

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