Even the snail made it…

So then, it is not of him that wills nor of him that runs but it is of God that shows mercy.  Rom. 9:16

The biblical story of Noah and the Ark is quite a profound one. If you are like me, you would probably have asked questions like:

‘Was the ant also in the ark?’ ‘Did the ark accommodate the cockroach?’ ‘How were those unpalatable days with the parrot and mosquito like inside the Ark if at all they existed at that time?’ ‘How did the fishes survive for 150 days without a fish pond?’

Well, while we still find out these answers, let’s just have fun together around a profound principle I esteem in much regard, also assuming that there was such a slow mollusk as the snail in that same ark.

Yes, the snail!

I’m sure you’ve seen a snail before. Imagine if the snail were to be your friend who doesn’t understand what ‘Please hurry up! We are running late’ means.

Also assume that you and your closest friend, the snail  were in the face of an attack  and you’ve made real efforts to escape only that you can’t leave your friend who seems to come last in everything behind.

Before I even go uncontrollably far, can I ask a question:

Who would love the snail as a friend?

Maybe none, reasons being that he is too slow for anything. He comes last in every race. You can’t walk/work with him and not slow down to carry him along.

My goal here is to point you to the fact that even the snail made it-either through Noah’s assistance and patience  (excellent leadership investment) or through his (the snail’s) dogged persistence.

In any way, the snail made it!

Yes, the snail made it to the same destination the horse got to in few gallops. The snail couldn’t compete with the fastest Lion, but he too made it ultimately to the ark with his slow but steady steps. He might have been the last but it mattered little as long as he also kissed the inner courts of the ark.

In this life, nobody is to be written off no matter how his/her weaknesses are boldly written all over him. Anybody can spring a surprise. I’ve seen the dull guys of yesterday taking over the world of influence today. Rise up and help others get better results in life. Get ready to exude patience as a virtue. Imagine if Noah had kicked off the snail, so we would have missed snails in our delicacies today?images

It’s not your fault that God created you in a particular way but it is your fault if you can’t coordinate your life with a sound decision to make it in life even when “the Noahs” around you are too impatient to attend to you alone.

You may not have wings like a dove. You may not push in faster and forcefully like the Lions. You may not be as tall as a giraffe or as smart as the tortoise. You don’t need the feet of a horse to make it in life when God created you uniquely different from them. Simply identify and celebrate your make-up from divinity. As harmless as a snail, you can still sit with Kings and not mean men.

Your problem is not that you are an African. The problem is that you are in love with competition and imitation and you disqualify yourself quickly if the task is more demanding than you are willing to stretch yourself to achieve.

The poison sounds like these:

“I can’t make it!”

“Please, reserve it for people more talented and more qualified than I”

“Please, I’m not ready to be involved in anything that will cost me so much sacrifices”.

Your background is not your problem. Turn weaknesses to advantages.

There are powerful lessons to learn from the snail in our present age:

(1) Don’t rest yet even when the Lion is resting. He has the speed you don’t have to get to his destination long before you. Rather, rise up early and get started in the journey.

(2) Nobody is poor enough to be eternally rejected by prosperity. Don’t be deceived by that man that already has a strong family affluence and wealth in his coffers. Start the journey to greatness. If the snail made it, God can still suspend the flood till you are rescued. Only diligent hands will bear rule (Prov. 12:24).

“A step everyday can mean many steps covered when you look at how you’ve come this far from the top”

Written by Godwin Kalu (Captain)

Godwin Kalu (CAPTAIN) is adept to writing and public speaking. He shares deep wisdom insight on issues of leadership, Relationship, personal development and motivational. He is the host of LEADERSHIP, PURPOSE AND CAREER CONFERENCE; an annual conference which hosts youths, students, entrepreneurs, career persons in hundreds. He shares broadcast messages on WhatsApp and plays host to several online conferences. Contact him on +2348067499014.

6 thoughts on “EVEN THE SNAIL MADE IT

  1. Never write yourself off.. Men show strength in diverse ways. The snail is peculiar in rejuvenation.. preparation glows with information..Mr snail can be sensitive to information and be on point before the horse gets there in haste.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. Very well said. The guy that seems deficient in one thing is always proficient at another. One guy seems slow but is detailed. Another seems to be hasty but completes tasks in record time. This is why we must not compare ourselves with others. We are unique in ourselves but should only seek to be the best versions of ourselves.


  2. Patience is a gift leaders need. By reason of comparison, many have been written off. Never write yourself off. Nothing is impossible. Continue in the Lord and I promise you, the Ark will wait for you.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Deep thoughts! I sincerely shared one of my best articles above. For every time I read it, it sends sparks of determination, persistence and consistency into me. I’m glad I’m going somewhere. I’ll get there. If the snail made it, you are too endowed not to stand out.

    Liked by 2 people

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