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Handling Failure On Your Way To Success 1

handling failure

As Christian students, we believe success is our portion in Christ (and that is true to the letter), we have the anointing that teaches and reminds us ALL things (I John 2:27), we pray and commit exams, tests and coursework into God’s hands and we expect the best. A number of us at one time or the other, irrespective of the above listed, experience the monster called -Failure-.

Failing can be a very sad and enervating experience. Be it in a quiz, test, examination, job interview or promotion interview at work, failure is an experience we rather not have. Failure can make a Christian student downcast, avoid fellowship with other believers, lose faith in God or even backslide completely. During my undergraduate study in the university, I was appointed the academic coordinator of my campus fellowship. This position made me understand what some other brethren were going through in their academics. I counselled many, organized tutorial classes and prayed fervently for my brethren. I had the statistics of the performance of my brethren across levels and this brought me closer to many of my brethren in the fellowship. This experience gave me first hand understanding of the impact failing a course or test can have on many a Christian student.

In order to understand failure and how to handle it, we need to know what failure is and is not.

  1. Prov. 24:16 ‘For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity’. The scripture is not saying you will fail ‘ODE or ‘Thermo’ seven times, but it sure says the righteous man (Christian student) may fall, but the good news is, he rises up again. Glory to God! Failing does not make you a failure, brother. Failure is not fatal. Refuse to be melancholic because of that job interview you didn’t ace, shrug off that mindset keeping you down due to the F in ‘Chem 101’. For those of us who watch heavy weight boxing, the first step to remaining in the fight after being knocked down is rising. The righteous man rises again, you will rise again!


  1. Failure should make you do things differently. You can’t keep doing things same way and expect a different result. Failure should draw you closer to God, not the other way round. Failing should make you do some introspection and praying; what has been my study pattern? What went wrong? What should I do differently?

In Jeremiah 18:4, we see the clay marred in the hands of the potter as he was trying to fashion out what he had in mind with it. Just as the potter took the broken vessel and reforged it, we should hand our broken CGPA, CV etc to God in prayers and set out to work on the loopholes the Holy Spirit would have pointed out.Potter--006.jpg  Thomas Edison the famous scientist, after inventing the electric bulb following several failed attempts had this to say about failure ‘I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’. You may need to adjust your personal study timetable, use the library more, attend tutorials, submit assignments and prepare well for exams, update your CV and cover letter etc. You may need to do things differently!


To be continued…

Justice Nwade




Justice Nwade is an avid reader and teacher, cofounder and writer at He is a director at Ecophilia Energy limited, an Energy professional and currently a postgraduate student in Chemical Engineering. He’s a son of the Most High God and is passionate about seeing young people play at the highest level in life.

11 thoughts on “Handling Failure On Your Way To Success 1

  1. Wow so encouraging.. I need to do things differently. I mustn’t stay down when I fail, the first step is to rise again. Thank you very much.

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    1. Hello Franz411,
      I partly agree with you especially on the part of some lecturers who revel in schadenfreude, but I guess I’d rather be scorned as a success than be numbered among those who settled for less. The choice is always ours to make.

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    2. Franz411, let’s use a simple comparison or metaphor to illustrate this. Academic success vs. Scorn of mates+Target of lecturers is like Eating your favourite dish vs. Getting oil – stained from the meal. Haba! The beauty of the latter far outweighs the pain of the former. Moreover, academic success or success in any endeavor is not something we do only for ourselves but more for our generation and for God. Yes. God is pleased with our success, who cares what the mates or anyone else thinks? Go for it and you will be glad you did. Finally, I want to point out that your fears may not be well founded. How do I mean? More people celebrate success than those who scorn it. The people that scorn at you are below. Look around you at those cheering you on and motivating you to go higher. Most lecturers will even want their students to excel so that they can be proud. Go for gold, Franz411. Excellence is appealing and rewarding. Thank you.

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    3. It is not a big price to pay. Everything comes with a price. Even academic failure.
      With pride, you can be scorned by your mates. But as far as you are ready to share your knowledge and help them, you will be free and be more respected.

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  2. Failure most often comes with a blow especially to those who struggle and make efforts to attain success. I was once a victim of such and indeed I felt so disappointed in myself but guess what? It made me realize that I had to change some certain things to get that which I desired.
    Most people think that when they fail, they’ve lost all and they become reluctant to forge ahead but I want us all to see failure as an obstacle that can be surmounted by greater efforts. That you have failed once, doesn’t mean that you will fail always.
    Nice work …Justice Nwade

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    1. You’re welcome Tricia.
      We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.
      It’s not over until you win.


  3. As a student, i was sad about one thing – the lateness associated with release of results. I had chosen my semester results to be the metrics to measure my overall performance. Too many times, these results came late and thus were unable to help me adjust properly to repeat some mistakes. How do you know your fate in 2nd semester when your 1st semester result is released after the 2nd semester? Challenging.

    Nevertheless, it is never too late to rise up from the floor and spring up to victory in the Lord. Never underestimate the power of The Lord. He heara the tiniest of prayers especially from a sincere soul. Just believe and work with him.

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    1. Inability to constantly measure one’s progress in an endeavor is both ineffective and discouraging. That situation was unique to the school though. Many universities and institutions are better in that wise and should steadily improve. Thanks

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