Findin’ Faults Or Fightin’ Facts

All your life, in every endeavour, you will always be confronted with two choices:

You could choose to point fingers at who is responsible for the results you get or you could choose to face the facts about each situation…and then fight to change those facts.

You must remember how Nursery school pupils behave… On one day, a boy would rush into his father’s arms and wave his results sheet in the air. “Papa, I took the fourth position in the whole class!” On another day, he would wait for Papa to finish his dinner and ask, “Gbo, Edu. I thought they gave out your results today” When Papa notices that Edu’s head is hung and asks, “What was your score in English?” Then he will hear all manner of complaints and blames. “That teacher is lazy. She prefers giving more marks to dark students. (*lol*) Imagine, she gave me 25 % only. In fact, I do not like that school anymore. They only try to siphon money from us.” Bla bla bla…

Typical, isn’t it?

You took the Fourth position but they gave you 25 percent.

You know what the guy blaming others does not understand? While his forefinger points at whoever is opposite him (his teacher, parents, government, terrorists, the US, his bad friend or armed robbers), the other four fingers point back at him.9206817-Photo-of-human-hand-with-forefinger-pointing-aside--Stock-Photo Oh yes! You must rise up to take responsibility. Among a thousand things that you can’t change, there are at least a thousand and one others which you can manage. So why worry about the former?

Folks, could we please quit the blame-game? It never leaves anyone any better. In mathematics, there are variables as well as constants. Imagine a simple expression like x+5. x is the variable (it can change, it can assume any value 10, 500, anything) while 5 is a constant, fixed. That’s the way life is. Why worry about about constant 5 when your variable can take up any other value in the world. Remember that results in life depends on 10 % what happens to us and 90 % how we react to it.

Permit me to list a few examples of everyday or generalized constants:

  • The weather in many cities in Nigeria has been dis-comfortingly hot for weeks.
  • Employment is scarce!
  • Oil prices in the global market is really low and things are not cool at the moment in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • The semester examinations are close and most students still have a towering workload to cover
  • You have an addiction, a habit that you’ve been struggling with for about 5 years
  • You have a long chain of missing results scripts and exams to rewrite
  • Your home is very far from the office
  • Your boss does not like your face

Now the list is endless. You can pick up a piece of paper and make your own personalized list of constants. I’m just going to add one more constant which you should do well to add at the last place.

  • God loves you and He can change every state.

Yes. That one is a constant as well. You may do well to say it until your heart believes it, rejoices in it, is calmed by it and hopes on it.

“…Why are you disquieted within me, (O my soul)? Hope in God for I shall yet praise Him…” (Ps. 43:5)

Face the facts (the constants) and fight them with God’s strength. Let’s update a list of variables to accompany the above listed constants. Remember, the options are limitless and in fact, some better thing can happen.

  • Wear light clothing to cope with the hot weather and stay close to an open window, a fan or an air conditioner.
  • Start a business enterprise and/or learn a skill in the meantime
  • Wait out the recession and think of doing a way forward research on a choice topic on Oil and Gas
  • Cover as much as you thoroughly can. Just do your best. Co-op a study group for revision
  • Talk to a responsible elder who can help you get over the addiction and stay away from things that lure you back
  • Take the re-sit exams, one step at a time. Learn the subjects more deeply this time
  • Wake up earlier. On the long run, you may consider relocating to another accommodation.
  • Take your job seriously and be result oriented. But please, you should not worry about merely being a people-pleaser.

Long story cut short? Don’t be one that throws the blame at others for some poor outcome. Rather, be one that faces the facts on ground and in the ways that God helps you, fight the negative facts. After all, a fact is something that is generally known to so, unless/until otherwise proven. So, why not?

God bless you.









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4 thoughts on “Findin’ Faults Or Fightin’ Facts

  1. A Projector only magnifies the inputs from a system.. blaming the screen won’t do lies with the content of the system….Responsibility. Fight the constants with God’s strength.

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    1. It’s like blaming and focusing on treating a headache caused by stress. Keep stressing your body and winding up with more ache. Taking responsibility is playing with the variables and taking charge of the situations so that the constants do not matter much anymore. That’s a results oriented attitude.


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