Take a break. Unwind. Pause.

Life is dynamic and every day is full of activities. The truth is, whether you wake up before 4 am to plan your itinerary or you get rolled out of bed at 8 am, chances are that you will stay busy from that time till dusk. Never mind that what you were busy about could range from worthwhile, prior to just time-wasting. My mother used to tease her toddlers about being ‘busy doing nothing.’

To address fellow #excellers who like me are about a job, a study or an apprenticeship; life gets very busy. The items on your well-planned to-do list will hardly ever get exhausted each day. Your work table will often have a higher pile by the left. You will be constantly pressured to beat deadlines. Your daily schedules will be a mess to the extent that sometimes, you will dream of employing a personal assistant. Finding time to read an educating blog as this will simply be because you prioritize it.

You Need A Break

Now, your busy schedule may not likely be caused by laziness on your part. In reality, the mere fact that you are so engaged with activities is an indication that you are versatile and progressive. So, oftentimes we find a legal practitioner who also blogs, belongs to a service unit in his youth fellowship and plays basket-ball. Or a school teacher who offers catering services and sings in a choir. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it should be. You remember what God charged the first man with at the Garden of Eden? He said to Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, dominate (subdue) it. So, there is no excuse for idleness. Waiting for a job? Learn a skill. Write a new book/poem. Master a trade. But that is probably a topic of discussion for another day.

Why The Break?

The message of this article is that it is important to take a break from your hellish, crazy schedule. There are many reasons for this but we will list three (3):

  1. It is important for your health:

Only a living & healthy person can afford to be busy. Stress is detrimental to your physical, mental and emotional well

  1. It is important for your speed:

Oh, the wonders of bouncing back after a good rest. You will be energized, excited and refreshed for more speed.

  1. It is important for your enjoyment:

Of what satisfaction is a venture which one cannot enjoy? An activity is worth your while if you can have a break from it and later get back.

How To Take A Break

Here are a few of the ways by which one can unwind:

  1. Sleep: While we sleep, every organ and system in our bodies do what you may refer to as a Reboot. This is especially important for students and those whose jobs are majorly mental.crash
  2. Rest: Lean back or lie down. Relax your nerves & muscles for a long-enough period of time. Do nothing but rest.
  3. Get entertained: This varies with what an individual may call entertaining. Go watch a game or a movie. Listen to good music. Read an interesting book. Play a fun game with friends. Only ensure that what entertains you is within the confines of the Christian faith. Your spirit must not die and God must not be displeased.
  4. Take an affordable holiday.
  5. Reduce your pace: Sometimes, you may not have the time to sleep, talk more of going on a holiday. In those times, taking a break could mean doing fewer things and taking more time at them.

Two Notes Of Caution

  1. Your break must glorify God. Note that God wants you to take_a_break. He giveth His beloved sleep, remember? BUT all you do during your rest must bring Him glory and pleasure. Bear this in mind.
  2. Only the man who has worked deserves to rest. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But what about all play and no work? Some young people involve in activities that should not be prioritized by them. Some spend more hours at playing than at work. This should not be the pre-occupation of anyone who loves excellence at heart. Discretion or common-sense must be applied to appropriate adequate time for rest and discipline is needed to jump back to work once rest time is over.

“It is vain for you to rise up early, to take rest late, to eat the bread of anxious toil – for He gives blessings to His beloved in sleep.” [Psalm 127:2 AMP]

7 thoughts on “Take_A_Break

  1. Man, know thyself.
    Switch off… phones, TVs, etc.
    It is a normal practise for me to switch off during exams and admire nature or mere wall paintings. It takes the pressure off.

    Ice *coughs* nice post *coughs* Cream.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow… This message is very timely for me. “Kess you need to take a break” thank you so much sis. Meanwhile wer is my own ice cream? You need to encourage me to rest with an ice cream. *smiles*

    Liked by 1 person

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