Spirit –  Led, not Mind – Led

Everyday in the life of a Christian #Exceller, there is a silent but severe battle. A battle to decide whether to be led by the Spirit of God or to be led by our minds; our sensuality and intellectual. Boy, this battle is strong! Our senses are five (or six) in number. Our knowledge is vast and our intellects are fast expanding. 

But there is a resounding victory for every time our spirit wins and we listen to God’s still small voice. And we act in obedience to His nudging. We move forward in the positive – x direction of our destinies. We please God and align with divine purpose. 

Keep pushing, bro. Keep pushing, mi’lady. Victory is in sight. Victory is ours. 

For as many as are led by the Spirit of the Lord, they are the sons of God. Keep winning, keep listening, keep excelling. This post is with much love from Excellerblog to you, dear reader. 

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