​Have you ever been in a situation where things around you just seemed so out of place, so disorganized? Well…I guess we all have been there, maybe once or twice. If only we knew what to do to get ourselves out of those situations. 

So the question is… What is 5S? 

5S in the general sense, is a lean manufacturing tool designed to improve workplace efficiency through facility wide organization and cleanliness. Simply put, when you come to work, you want to see everything put where it is supposed to be for easy location and you also want to see the place clean and conducive for business, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

What are the 5Ses? 

Sort: The stage where you remove unnecessary items from the work area. You clearly distinguish what is needed, what should be kept, and what should be thrown out.

Set in order: Where you organize the necessary things making it easier for anyone to find them and use them. You keep the important things nearby and implement visual organization. 

Shine: The stage where you clean the work area, equipment and tools regularly. 

Standardize: Create a consistent 5S workflow. Assign tasks and create schedules so that everyone knows their responsibilities. 


Sustain: Where you ensure that 5S is a long-tem goal. Analyze results, hold team meetings and train workers on the importance of 5S.

What’s the essence of all these? 

If 5S can be applied to the workplace for greater efficiency and gain, why can’t it be applied to our lives? It definitely can..and it should. 

  • Sort out things in your life, habits, friends, thoughts, goals, even foods, and then determine which is necessary for your long term growth and those that don’t fall in this list, you should discard…immediately. 
  • Set in order your thoughts and goals. Place them in order of priorities and then begin to take action. 
  • Shine and clean up negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. This could take time, but trust me…it’s worth it. Remember that a clean place is safer and more productive.
  • Standardize these acts. Create a consistent plan to see that you  go through with the 5S for your life. And finally, 
  • Sustain these acts. If it’s possible, get an accountability partner, get a mentor. Read books, educate yourself, make a decision that your life will continue to get better and better.

There’s a saying…Personal development is 99% personal. So, take matters in your own hands and 5S your life for greater productivity. Make 5S a habit, because habits keep you going. And good ones would see you all the way through. 

Remain blessed.

Written by Ebuka Obiajulu 
Ebuka Obiajulu is a Mechanical Engineering graduate, a Project Manager at Ticon and currently works as a trainee engineer at Nigerian Bottling Company. He is also a graphics designer: wedding cards… logos… fliers… catalog designs. He enjoys art, playing basketball and reading. He reads for personal development; motivational,philosophical books and wants to learn how to cook!

4 thoughts on “5S Your Life

  1. #Sorting out things, I think, is a vital aspect In a man’s life and its of paramount importance here.
    ..”Time to filter someone’s Life”
    #nice..love it.

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