As far back as I can remember in learning to become accountable, I have always been a bag – carrier, lol. From boarding house in secondary school, my baggage of uniforms, books, food provisions and personal effects is usually three times (or more) larger than my brothers’. Even on becoming a lady, I often carry a sizeable bag as I set off every morning – sizeable to contain every single thing that I think I may need within the day, from work items to snack bits, money, keys and sometimes, water! Very funny. I think most females can relate, though. You soon wonder why you have a neat pack of polythene bags that you probably won’t need for ages in a corner of your kitchen cabinet. It’s like that. Our natural instinct at organization sews that into the very fabric of our minds.

There is something very effective, productive, excellent, smart and healthy about carrying only the basic things that your journey will need. You will concentrate on your major task(s) and also have room for other spontaneous and adventurous activities that the day may present. So, resist the temptation of ‘fixing’ your whole day and life. Remember that after all, God’s got it.

Travel Light to Destiny

Our life’s purpose is something we must not crowd up with other needless activities. It is a full time job, trust me. If God has called you to be a health worker or an administrator, it is going to take all your time and concentration to do it as will bring Him the greatest glory. Concentrate on being who God is making you to be. “No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life.” (II Tim. 2:4) Watch out for destiny distractions; over – eating, bad friends, internet indulgence, movies, games and overcrowded schedules.

Travel Light in Mind

Unforgiveness, grudges and worries are unnecessary baggage for our journey. These we must deliberately put off at every dawn. Forgive others because Jesus commands you to, because it is prerequisite to your being forgiven and because doing otherwise is detrimental to health. Let it go.

Travel Light on Trips

Excellence advocates for preparedness and organization. But sometimes, we overthink things. Take only your basic necessities to trips and you will realize that it will be much more fun.
Jesus loves us. Hear His words in Matthew 11: 29 – 30; “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Take His yoke, not yours.

I keep reminding myself to travel light. You should do same –  remind yourself to travel light.

This is with much love from Excellerblog to you, dear reader – friend.

2 thoughts on “TRAVEL LIGHT

  1. Precision eliminates the “unnecessaries”..and that’s a function of light . it then comes to mind “this isn’t needed”. why store these polythene bag that won’t be needed for ages.

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    1. A person that has precision moves at the speed of light because unnecessary weights are put off.
      Lol @why store bags? Well, if I will attempt to understand such mind’s thinking, it is simply because the need for such bags may arise in the future so instead of throwing them off now, they would prefer to save it for the rainy day.


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