P. L. A. N

P. to.the. N


“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” – Charlie Batch

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” – Winston Churchill 

These are popular sayings and never truer for anyone who has in mind to perform excellently in any field of endeavor. You need to plan every single thing that you intend to do, if you want it to come out well. Every thing.

Plan your day. (from waking, personal devotion, work to break and making dinner)

Plan your new semester (for students)

Plan your lessons (for teachers)

Plan your monthly expenses in line with your budget

Plan your investments

Plan your eating schedule and menu

Plan your courtship term

Plan your studying timetable

Plan your new year

Plan your evangelism timetable

Plan your missions involvement (financial, prayers and going)

Plan your marketing strategy (for the business folks)

Plan your visiting schedule

Plan your flexing sessions

Plan, plan and plan.

Do not leave anything to happenstance or chance, please. That is not an attitude of an Exceller. Don’t assume that if you fail to plan, the things that will happen will be much more fun. That may be a costly assumption. Rather, plan, leave it with God and enjoy whatever comes while you are implementing the plans.

Write the vision. Make it plain on tablets, that he who reads it may run… (Habb. 2:2)

Two things to bear in mind about planning:

1. Seek God before, during and after your plans: In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path (Prov. 3:6). Seek God before your plans for Him to guide the planning. Seek God during the implementation of your plans because it is only His counsel that shall stand (Prov. 19:21). Seek God after your plans to know the next way forward. Remember, all that you are doing is for His glory.

2. Don’t cry over spilled milk. If after your painstaking planning, things run off course, do not mourn or be discouraged. Remember that all things work together for your good because you love God… Enjoy the fun and seek God’s face for the next course of action.

Whatever you do, make sure that you plan. Plan to excel.

NB: Find below some planning templates from the Internet. Customize any of them to suit your needs.

This is with much love from Excellerblog to you, dear reader friends. 

11 thoughts on “P. L. A. N

  1. This piece is nourishing. Plan is built into almost everything we can think of… Like “Plan your marketing strategy”.. That’s one area for products to gain grounds. The question is how not to be stereotyped and see products channeled to to right market

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    1. Thanks Obus.
      Not to be stereotyped yet channeling products correctly must have a mathematical equation with which to calculate, taking note of all the variables in play. Lol. It’s a dicey situation. You do not want to limit your product but rather, to send it to the exact customers who will need it and bring in optimum profitability. Well, since you are a son, God will continually order your steps. Even when you slip, you will end up better, wiser and richer. Keep keeping on!


    1. Lol
      Oyi, that one caught your attention, didn’t it?
      Well, first of all, the couple will have to agree on how long you both intend to stay in courtship (6 months, 1 year or so)
      Then, you will strategize on a progressive relationship, bearing in mind the aim of the courtship period, which is to know yourselves better as well as to plan for your future together)
      When purpose is not defined, we all know what results. But God’s help is much available… That’s a very good thing.
      So, an example is that you begin with telling each other everything about yourselves, from birth until date. In courtship, communication is key. Here, you build friendship and rapport. Then, you progress to an explicit and detailed explanation of each of your life calling or purpose. Marry these together prayerfully. Then, family, friends, spiritual leaders and mentors will be carried along in the relationship. Build friends of friends and good models. You both will then need to plan your future, talking about practically everything – finance, raising of child(ren) and dealing with extended family, missions involvement and relaxation plans. Everything. Then, of course, the wedding – traditional and church. You know…
      It’s important to remember that you are both unique individuals. Sometimes, you will need to agree to disagree.
      Very importantly, give a lot of time to praying and studying the Bible together. Faith in Jesus is the surest foundation on which a home can be built. No storm or wind can fell it. Be sensitive as well.
      I hope that these points are helpful… In summary, it’s your relationship. Enjoy it, with God.

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      1. Lol…I like your summary & agree with every point made. However one may plan courtship for 3months but other factors come to play & extend it. What happens then? End it & enter another that works with your 3months courtship plan? Don’t mind me o. I actually meant to take up each planning guide listed in the original post but that’ll drain our time

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