Excelling Isn’t About Winning

I love winning, gosh! I guess that most people in life love winning too. 

Last Sunday in church, I graduated from our Foundation Bible School, along with some thirty others. 

The church threw a special service to celebrate us. They even gave prizes to the best three graduating students. And… Well, maybe you guessed right; I was not one of the best three. Something in me went unhappy… (lol). 

Despite having a couple of 100 % scores in some of the assessments and an aggregate of over 90 %, it wasn’t still the best shot. Apparently, some guys performed better and they got well deserved prizes. 

Well, thanks to God’s grace, I got over the sad feeling and joyfully celebrated with others. Then, after the service, I felt the Holy Spirit telling my heart this profound truth: Excelling is not about winning! 

Make no mistake about this. A Christian Exceller does not make his or her life about winning every argument or debate, being the best at every examination or being the richest. In fact, it is a man who lives in the flesh that seeks the applause of men and gratification from human – placed standards of distinction. A Christian Exceller knows that this life that (s)he lives is to bring God the greatest glory and that becomes his/her life goal.

I have not learnt all that there is about Christian Excellence. But God is committed to teaching me big time. Daily. This is a call to all my reader friends to come onboard as we all learn together. But now I know one thing that it is NOT about. It is not about winning. 

If along the line of pursuing the God kind of excellence you win, that will be wonderful! We will pop wine and take selfies with you. If you do not win, wonderful! We will hug you and participate in the Item 7. But for the heavenly reward that lasts, seek to impress God the most. The God before whom nothing is hidden. And you know what? He is faithful. He greatly rewards every act of excellence!
N.B: I no longer love winning, as much. Now, I prefer to excel. I’m sure it is the same for you, dear reader friend. Let’s go there! May we keep excelling. 👍👍🙋

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