Keep A Journal


About 2017 (and beyond really), keeping a journal is hyper-important.
A journal is simply a personal record of occurrences, events and business. A book or device where you write personal stuff.
Keeping a journal is a habit of excellence. Recently, we have uploaded a few posts here that we hope will be helpful for planning and strategizing your life for higher heights in the coming year, such as Time To Take Stock and P. L. A. N. Add to those, the practice of writing down necessary bits of your life like your spendings and tough lessons in life.
A few weeks back, I needed to rearrange my books and library stock. As I did, I was amused, inspired and deeply touched by tidbits of my writings in pieces of papers and hardcover books, some dating back to 8 and 10 years ago. Mixed feelings indeed, lol. But it was a sure indication to me that I had come a long way and am headed to a higher place with God’s assured presence.
Keep a journal
Keep all kinds of journals:
– Write lessons from your personal devotion everyday
– Write tough personal lessons learned
– Write the fun times you had with family and friends
– Write your talents
– Write your ideas
– Write your expectations for each new year
– Write your prayer points
– Write your testimonies (Call it Gratitude Journal, if you will)
– Write your business plans
– Write every and any thing you want, anytime
Among other reasons why you need to keep a journal:
1. It will help you remember where you came from
2. It will keep reminding you of where you are going
3. It will lend speed and focus to your journey anytime you see it again
4. It will help the upcoming generation
(Anyone who stumbles across an Exceller’s journal is likely to become a bush burning in harmattan season. Ablaze and excited in every good way! I can’t begin to describe my younger sisters’ reaction when they accidentally saw my quiet time notebook from a previous year. Or when they saw my secondary school slumbook, that one was hilarious.)
Please, keep a journal. You are too valuable not to be read.

Tips for making your journals last generations:
1. Use a good book (good quality or hardcover)
2. Learn to keep your books and stuff with care
3. Save important information in your electronic accounts, like your email
4. Start and keep a blog or a website
5. Print your writings and distribute.
NB: Keeping a journal is a bit of hard work. Sometimes, you will be bored, lazy, uninspired or just not in the mood. But as you keep at it, like every other habit, it becomes a part of you. Practically.
We must improve our world, impact lives and contribute to something bigger than us – life.
Wishing you a writing and winning 2017, with love from Excellerblog!

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