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Smell Distinction? 

Distinction rarely ever comes by chance.
You can smell it from afar.

Yesterday, I went through a stack of assignment scripts from a topic earlier taught in Chemical Thermodynamics. It was a single question, although it had sub questions. As I went through, I noticed the usual; almost every student had copied the same answer –  set and I got bored of making almost the same comments on each paper. Until I had only about 3 sheets left. I went through the next sheet without even checking the name.

Guess what I saw? A painstaking solution of that single problem on 4 sheets of paper with correct answers!

It was then that I checked the name of the student and my surprise metamorphosed to pleasure. This student had made a distinction in a previous certification that he took. Little wonder. He was aiming at yet another distinction and I won’t be surprised if he nails it.

Distinction rarely ever comes as a surprise.

Let me give you 2 simple characteristics of distinctive students:

1. They Start To Source Information Early:

As soon as the semester or year begins, a student that looks to make a distinction begins to gather knowledge on each subject that will be covered. (S)he gets textbooks, past notes and questions, attends tutorial classes and discussion sessions on the semester courses. They do not wait for the eve of Test Week for intensive work to begin. Rather, from Week One, everything becomes serious. Check out those who watch movies, crash (sleep nonstop) and stroll into school for no reason after 3 weeks and you can practically smell Failure or Average performance at the most. 

2. They Add An Extra To The Ordinary:

Yes, distinctive students try to be extraordinary. They check to cross their t’s and dot their i’s. What makes them distinctive is that they stand out in the lot.

So, practical manuals are reported with enough literature review and some diagrams. Assignments are not copied verbatim although they may be solved in a group. Seminars are well prepared and presented. Examination questions are answered with details and workings are shown.

It looks like some hard work but the more often you do it, the more likely you will begin to enjoy being positively different.

Then, your examiners and friends will smell distinction all around you. Do they have an option? Haven’t you heard that the best antidote to discrimination is success? A distinctive man cannot be stopped!

Distinction requires concerted and consistent efforts at getting important things done in the right way.
“And whatever your do, work at it with all your heart as unto the Lord and not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23

We love you! We want to meet you at the top, always!

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