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I have to confess that there are some spiritual truths that I struggled to understand as I was growing up. No matter how well they were taught or how many bible verses were expounded in teaching them, I never really could apply those truths to my personal, everyday life.

One of them is the message of the Cross (how the cross of Jesus can become life to a person). The other is the message of finding one’s identity in Christ.

What identity? Why did I need something to identify me?

During my teenage years, I had a lot of godly women who told us passionately; “Find your identity in Jesus. Find your identity in Jesus.” But what did it practically mean for a regular Christian school boy or girl, Christian parent or spouse, Christian civil servant, company worker or entrepreneur to find their identity in Christ?

I’m not going to act like I have now fully understood the concept. No. Not yet. But it has begun to make some meaning.

As a matter of fact, God’s expectation is that we find definition, meaning and drive for our lives from knowing that He is our loving Father and that Jesus is our Saviour and Lord. That should be our identity. Period. (John 17:3, I Cor. 15:10a) Everything else that you are and everything else that you have in life must fall as a shadow under this light.

I think that the biggest problem with Identity crisis is that most people who have this crisis do not even know that much of their struggle in life is to meet this singular need – Identity.

In the next post in this series, I will attempt to paint word-pictures of people in different life stages and situations but all facing a clash of identity.

Stay with me, dear reader friend.

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