Take The Plunge… Already 

If there ever was one to stall at the doorway of a decision, that would be me. This is probably because I may belong to a temperament class that prefer to scrutinize every pro and con and have every “i” dotted and “t” crossed before embarking on a path. Or maybe it is due to the typical fear we often experience before every new adventure. But now, I’m learning differently…

Many a dreams and accomplishments in the land of mankind have been cruelly murdered at the feet of procrastination and indecision. You will often hear excuses like, 

It seems like a risky plan.”

What if something goes wrong?”

I am not sure if I prayed enough about it.”

Maybe I have not thought it through yet.”

And so on. 

This post is not to advocate for rashness in making decisions. But I cannot help but notice a trend of lack of proactiveness and drive all around. There seems to be a fear instilled into young people about the importance of decision making and not a balanced education on the need to take responsibility for the decisions they make. I wish that we will be taught that every decision is important and also taught how to be responsible people who will take charge of the decisions taken. 

If this could be a clarion call of sorts, it would chime the lines of the old Nursery rhyme, 



It would call on the ladies and gents of my generation and the generation to come to not only “look before you leap” but also to “face the winds of your flight armed and ready!”

In other words, prepare to live with the consequences of your decision. 

Christians have an advantage in facing life and all it comes with – the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He is present to teach us what is true about every situation and He is present on every road’s journey to guide us with His eyes (Psalms 32:8). You know how your mother would use eye language to give you a clue… If we walk with the Lord, there’s no missing it at all. 

Instead of trying to figure everything out and fretting over the hills you will climb while walking a path, simply learn to hear the Lord’s leading, follow it and then “enjoy” the ride. No matter what you see, you are assured of safe landing. 

Contrary to the myth that goes that it is difficult or impossible to hear from God, I would have you know that Christians can and should know God’s will about every area of their lives. 

God communicates to us through our spirits not our minds (logic and reason) and not our senses (feelings). We get worked up or misled when we depend on logic, intelligible analysis and our feelings. But God’s mind is communicated through His word (the Bible), the voice of faith and the leading of His Spirit. And everyone who walks with Jesus will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life (John 8:12). 

If you ever stall, if you ever wait, if you ever do “nothing”, let it be not out of fear or confusion. Let it be that you are waiting at the feet of the Lord, seeking to know which path He will have you take. And as you learn it, don’t bother about what lies ahead. Simply take the plunge…and soar. 

But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

. Much love sent from Excellerblog to you, dear reader!



Related Resource: Kenneth Hagin’s, How To Be Led By The Spirit of God. If you need a free soft copy emailed to you, feel free to contact us. 

3 thoughts on “Take The Plunge… Already 

  1. Wow! Once again, you so easily drove the truths in! Kudos, Exceller! Surely, if we ever stall, it should never be out of fear or confusion, but in wait for our Master’s lead!

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