Different Pencil Strokes. Image from Cult Pens website
Different Strokes. Image from Cult Pens website

The day I knew just how very different we all are, was the day I had a debate with a dear friend of mine concerning the fact that I believe that people usually have very specific preferences in taste regarding food or consumables, generally.

But she said, no. People simply eat something because they have to.

Then, I said, no. I don’t agree with you. If everyone buys anything to eat, why do people have favourite restaurants? Why would someone have a freezer full of local and continental assortments but on a particular night, crave fried rice from a specific Chinese or Thai restaurant, and then proceed to drive halfway across town to buy just that? Why?

Well, she said, “I don’t know, I won’t do that.”

And a professor whom I really respect immediately agreed, “I wouldn’t.”

I looked at their faces and they were dead serious. Like, they weren’t just insisting on this to win an argument; they meant it.

And I was shocked, to say the least. Because I know for certain that I have preferences and sometimes, I insist and go out of my way to get them. I know regular people and celebrities all around the world who always wear a specific design of T-shirts or swear by coffee from a specific franchise.

But I also respect my friend and that professor. And that night, although I strongly knew what I knew, I agreed to disagree with them. I was reminded that we are all very different. Or as I would prefer to put it, Unique. Pencils in the hand of the Creator, our God. Each to leave a different mark. Each endowed with specific mindset, thinking pattern, experience, background and journey. All different from the next person beside you. And each of us deserving of respect.

Because if you think differently, it means that there is a unique side that you will bring to the table, and that counts for something.

So, the next time someone questions your worth, you ought to hold your head high and say under your breath, “I’m unique. I’m special. I’m it!” And then, you go ahead and believe it.

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