This melody to which we dance,

This lovesong scripted by God

Is one that we hear clearly in our hearts.

Our bodies sway of their own volition.

Our feet tap,

Our laughter rings!

The music is sweet 

The sound is full.

It stretches, it’s timeless

It found us, and now we move

To the symphony of our love.

Let’s never stop, my darling!

Let it never end

In this life and beyond!

Happy anniversary to us!!! 💍👩‍❤️‍👨💒❤️🎉

Wow! Another year has so quickly rolled and we’re already marking yet another anniversary! 

They say that time flies when you are enjoying yourself and in many ways, it is true for our time together as husband and wife.

Yet in another sense, it feels acutely and beautifully full with memories, moments and activities – all that we share in this life together. It’s like the painting of a skillful artist – alive and popping with shades, lighting and angles.

Immensely enjoyable!!!

Today, I am thankful our deep-throated and unapologetic laughter.

I celebrate our appreciation for the simple things of life.

I celebrate our big and scary goals.

I celebrate our moments of daring adventures; those times when we push beyond our comfort zone just for the fun of it.

I appreciate how we can pause to “smell the flowers,” to catch our breath.

I appreciate how we team up to love and build our home.

I appreciate how we’re fully reliant on God; how we pray, pray and pray again for the small and big things.

I appreciate how God cares for us with such thoughtfulness and all-encompassing keeping.

I appreciate that our consciences are alive as they are.

And I especially celebrate your signature fried egg recipe – the best there is in the entire Northern hemisphere (and dare I say, the world over! ☺️)

“It’s the everything for me, honey!!!”

So good – this life that we share!

Kizzes! 😚😚😚

Joyeux anniversaire, mon amour!!!

The Lord our God is in our midst.

He is mighty to save.

He rejoices over us with singing.

He quiets us with His love!

This is the symphony of His love for us. xx

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