Weekly Nuggets #5 – Self-Awareness

🪞S E L F. – A W A R E N E S S 💆🏽

Hiya fam, trust you had a good week! 👋🏼 

If your week could have been better (if you know what-I-mean), that’s okay too. 💛🤎

I mean there were a few days in the past week when things didn’t go exactly as I planned. And that’s okay.

See, the very ability to acknowledge varying emotions that we experience is said to be a sign of good health – Emotional wellness.

So, whatever you felt in the past week;

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Disappointed
  • Excited
  • Ashamed
  • Guilty
  • Hurt
  • Proud 
  • Angry
  • Surprised

You name it. 

…The experts say that when we can identify and manage our emotions, assess ourselves with objectivity, understand how others perceive us, and align our external (actions and behaviours) with our internal values, we are exhibiting self-awareness. [1]

And guess what?

Self-awareness has been associated with many benefits including mental healthiness and wellbeing, better work performance, productivity, relief from certain kinds of stress and effective leadership. [2]

Recently, I attended a very enlightening webinar on “Managing Emotional Intelligence” hosted by my professional association. 

I would like to briefly share 3 Ss associated with Self-awareness from the lessons I snagged from that webinar and some little research I did on da side.


Self-consciousness is NOT self-awareness. They are not to be mistaken, one for another. Self-consciousness usually ruminates, dwelling on negative thoughts while self-awareness reflects, focusing on positive and constructive thoughts. [3] Self-consciousness is unhelpful to the individual; self-awareness is productive and valuable. One thinks, “Based on what I did at xyz, I am not good enough.” The other wonders, “Am I holding onto something I need to let go of?”


Accurate and sound self-evaluation. Self-awareness is about periodically evaluating our actions and inactions in the light of our personal values and standards. “How am I doing?” “If I continue in this path, will I realize the future that I envision?” Hey, have you ever tried to write yourself a letter? Not a demeaning or pity-party kind. An objective, assessing, mentoring, and motivating note to self. I’ve done it a few times in the past and it works miracles! ✨😅


It may sound cliché but friend, we gotta believe in ourselves. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been beat down or seem to have performed below expectation. When God made you, He said you are good. [4] He breathed into you. He made you in his image. What does that mean? Inherently, you are good and full of potential. And soon, everyone would see it manifest.

One point emphasized during that webinar was, “Work on your strengths, not your weaknesses. It is your strength that defines who you are.” I hope to never forget that.✌🏽


That’s it from me! 😊

The subject of self-awareness is very broad. There are many dimensions to it, lots of completed and ongoing research, as well as a few differing opinions. This article is not at all exhaustive of the subject matter, but at the very least, I thought it was juicy and helpful. I hope you think so too! 🙋🏽

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