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Friends in High Places

Friends in high places; Angels on assignment. ☺️

Story time.

Have you ever noticed someone come into your life usually only for a season, to play a specific role in your life. You never arranged or orchestrated the meeting. You woke up one day, and they were there. They weren’t exactly close to you, not your bestie or anything. You just realized that they had your back. They rooted for you. They defended your interest at the tables where they sat, even when you weren’t in the room! Or they made you laugh out loud in moments when you didn’t know you needed to. And after their time is spent, they moved on from your life. Naturally. But whenever something reminds you of them, it’s a sweet memory.

I have met some really wonderful people, friends. Seriously. I could never have arranged it, but they were there. And such a blessing to me.

Last week, I was reminded of one of them. Let’s call him MrE.

The first time I met MrE was at a job test. He was also interviewing for a different position but everyone had been asked to wait in an auditorium.

It was a several weeks long, 3 stage Test-Test-Interview process. I think this was around the second stage.

Watch this. I was sitting next to a man who I later knew to be MrE’s younger brother, and as the wait time stretched, we struck up polite conversation. This chat turned out to be very productive, because he let me know that his elder brother (MrE) had told him that part of the assessment would cover current government affairs. I was a recent graduate, and because the role I applied for was technical, I had pored over all my lecture notes as much as you could do 5 years worth of learning in a few days. 😆 So you can imagine my joy at finding out this useful information, instead of being blindsided during the test. I went into flurry of activity, dug out my smartphone and started researching about present government and corporate positions. As time passed, MrE himself would walk towards us and give his brother another tip, which he would in turn pass on to me, and I would also text to my friends who were also taking the tests.

Suffice it to say that before the morning was over, I had memorized loads of random old men’s name and titles, and was ready to pop!

Fast forward to when I had secured the job by God’s grace, and so had MrE for the role he interviewed and he saw me walking in the Institute’s yard. “I know you. My younger brother’s friend from the exam…” Friends, I didn’t even recognize him so I was so glad he remembered. And that was how I made a new friend who solidly had my back for the next few years while I was at the firm.

His help usually came as a heads-up; a very useful information but which I am super grateful for.

  • When I bought my car, he saw it one day and gave me tips for servicing it, and introduced me to a neighbor who would eventually become a mutual friend and my next-door car advisor. Most single females can relate to how useful this can be, especially on the car-trouble days.
  • When I was getting married, MrE again gave me tips about bonding with the in-laws and shared the story of how he met and married his beautiful wife.

I could go on and on.

  • Just last week, he and a few other people reached out to give me a relevant information, and that was when I almost lost it in gratitude. How? How, Lord? How did I get blessed with priceless people as this? I mean, I have left that firm for a few years now, and they still thought of me when this opportunity came?

God bless them!

As I think of it, I pray that my life will be a mega blessing to many people just like this. A beacon of hope. The voice they hear in their head in crucial moments that will move them to the next level. The reason they smile. The reason they believe that their dreams are possible (while I achieve mine! ☺️🙏🏽)

A few years ago, an alumnus visited us back at the Institute; and came to say hello. He had secured a job at a multinational company and was doing really well for himself. He told me that it was something I said that made him interview for the position and I said, What?! He described the conversation we had had, and could barely recall it. I mean, I could never take credit for what his hard work and God’s grace had achieved for him. As I remember it, he was quite focused during his school days. But it warmed my heart that he thought I contributed in that way. It shows how interconnected life is. Blessed people bless others.

Blessed people bless others.

And here in this moment, I’m just super thankful for friends in high places, some of whom we may never see but who are consistently and unfailingly working to make God’s good plans for us possible. 😘😘😘

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