My First Quarter of 2022 in Books

It’s been a fantastic first quarter!

I got to enjoy some of the bestselling books I’ve had my sights on for a while; as well as some really interesting fiction! ☺️ And guess what? The video above didn’t even capture all the books I read between January and March. 💃🏽

This is a huge feat, especially because of how busy life gets for all of us.

How did I manage to accomplish that? I am not exactly sure, to be honest. A little of everything, I guess. 😃

I am yet to finish some of the books. Some, I got to read for a second time. I also sped through the audio version of a few. And most of my reading these days are done via my devices – ebooks on the go! But I have enjoyed every bit of the journey!

Did you notice from the video how a certain toddler 🥰 helped to redesign the first page of my “School of Disciples” textbook? 😃

Here’s to enjoying the journey, friends! That, for me, is golden. 💛

PS: I had this post all ready since last weekend. But since I am only putting it up today, could we safely assume that it’s still the past weekend somewhere in the world? 😂

PPS: Anyone who read my 2021 Christmas post “Christmas @ home away from home” will recognize the music in the video. You should check it out. ♥️

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