Happy Second Birthday, Son!

A reflective piece I wrote to my child a few weeks after his second birthday.

Hey man! 💚💙💚💙

You bring joy to my life

And I love who you are

No one can compare to you

And that’s why you’re a star

I know that you’ll never change

And I’ll be proud of your name

Cos I’m your #1 fan.

Canton Jones – Number One Fan

NOT me dedicating the song Canton Jones wrote unto the Lord to YOU, my darling child!!!  😃😃

But honestly, those lines reflect how we feel about being your parents every single day.

It feels just like yesterday when I wrote about the journey from pregnancy to your 1st birthday and here we are!!!

God is so kind!

I am so thankful that we get the privilege to care for you in this way.

The past year has been a roller-coaster of experiences – from starting to walk to learning to kick a ball; from learning your first words to loudly breaking into a preschool rhyme or a worship song you probably only heard once!

It’s been filled with seasons when you ate everything we offered you with independence AND seasons when you refused to eat many of them.

It’s been unexpected loving hugs, high-fives and occasional playful shoves.

It’s also been filled with the exciting game of building blocks, scattering them and finding it super hilarious.

It’s been so much more than I can pen on these pages.

My heart is full and bursting at its seams.

I am thankful.

I am thankful that we have you in our lives.

Cheers to the next year of your life, son. 🥂

We will dance in the rain, play in the snow and bask in the sunlight, under God’s watchful eyes.

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