Grace: Today, Now and Always


As I walk through this long desert road

Under the scorching sun and dusty wind

As I navigate the crossroads and milestones,

Attractions, distractions and pitfalls.

When the highs make the low a scathing ordeal

When the days seem like a never-ending night.

There is one thing that my soul desperately needs:

Your grace like the light to break my dawn.

Your grace like the fuel to keep my fight.

Your grace like water to quench my thirst.

Your grace to trade my burden for your yoke.

Your grace to keep a spring in my steps.

Your grace as surety for my end

And crown for my head…

So when it’s done,

And I see your face,

Your grace will be testament

That I never walked alone.

You were there

Every step of the way.

Your grace is what I need.

Today, now and always. 💛

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