Another Year is Dawning – Pre-Birthday Prayer

In this post, I am adapting the popular hymn, “Another year is dawning” to reflect my prayers/ expectations from God as I embark on another annual sojourn.

Another year is dawning

To you dear God, I call.


To daily seek Your presence

Keeping in step, day long.


To know what’s in my hands,

And exploit every potential.


To pause and smell the flowers

Celebrate all wins, both big and small.


To dump self-doubt and fears,

And gain new territories and wall.


To appreciate life’s mundanities

To expect the phenomenal.


To be filled with Godly wisdom

To channel your light onto my world.


To give my life for others

And share your love with all.


To see myself through Your eyes

As brave, smart, lovely, and enough.


Another Year for me has dawned

Another year with You, my Lord.

Words and adaptation: ExcellerBlog.

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