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21 Truths from Hebrews Chapters 3, 4, 5.

Hi friends,

Let’s go pick up some choice gems!

We want to learn specifically about Jesus from Hebrews Chapters 3, 4 & 5. If you missed the post on Hebrews 1 & 2, here it is!

I would like to take a minute to congratulate you and I for being deliberate about learning more about Jesus Christ who is the author and the finisher of the Christian faith; as well as the doctrines and foundational truths of the faith. The insights gleaned from these studies will profit our minds, and help us to become more developed and accurate in the things we believe.

  1. Jesus is faithful to God who appointed him as an apostle and high priest, just as Moses was faithful when he served in God’s house.
  2. Jesus is worthy of more praise and honour than Moses because while Moses was a faithful servant in God’s household, Jesus is a faithful son in charge of God’s household.

It was established in John 1:1 that Jesus is the word of God.

As the word of God,

  1. Jesus is alive.
  2. Jesus is active (working in the present).
  3. Jesus as the word of God penetrates our hearts (i.e. he convicts us), to judge our thoughts AND intentions, and attitude.
  4. Nothing is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is laid bare before His eyes and we have to give account to Him.
  1. Jesus is our apostle.
  2. Jesus is our high priest. Jesus is our great high priest.

To become a high priest:

  • You had to be selected and appointed. (No one takes the honour upon themselves)
  • You had to be selected from among the people (You had to be one of the people).
  • You had to represent the people in matters related to God – to offer gifts and sacrifices for their sins.
  • You had to be able to deal gently with anyone who errs, having experienced temptation yourself.

Jesus met all these requirements.

  1. Jesus was appointed by God Himself to be our high priest.
  2. Jesus came to the world and became a human, like us, before he was selected to be our high priest. This is truth, this is a history-validated fact.
  3. Jesus represents us before God – having offered Himself once for all times as the sacrifice for our sins.
  4. Jesus ascended into heaven after He died and resurrected.
  5. Jesus is a priest forever.
  6. Jesus our High Priest had been tempted in every way, just like we are now.
  7. Jesus, when He was tempted, did not sin.
  8. Jesus, because He was also tempted as we are, can empathize with our weaknesses.
  9. He gently deals with anyone who errs, having been tempted himself.
  10. While on earth, Jesus earnestly prayed to God and he was heard because of His reverent submission.
  11. Although Jesus was God, he learned obedience from what he suffered (self-denial).
  12. Once made perfect, Jesus has become a source of eternal salvation to everyone who obeys him.
  13. Jesus was designated by God as a high priest in the order of Melchizedek.*

* We will learn more about this individual named Melchizedek in the coming chapters. Until then, stay well and happy. ❤

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