Hi Exceller-fam,

Long time no see! Long time, no blogpost!

First, I will like to apologize! If you have been following Excellerblog since January this year, you will remember that I took up a consistency challenge to upload weekly content here on the blog; and it was going quite well. (Click to read the first post of 2022) The challenge has put me on my toes and encouraged me to stay the course.


Dear friends, we went on a family trip and I completely lost track of which day of the week or what time of the day it was! The only things that mattered were our itinerary for each day, or if it was dusk yet. Sleep, wake up, and let the fun-cum-adventure continue.

In order to stay true to the intent of the consistency challenge, I am committing to making up the total number of blogposts expected by year-end. And to you my dear readers who have consistently followed Excellerblog from the beginning of the year, do consider this as a formal change request to reset our baseline! 🙂

I thank you for trusting The Exceller Blog for your steady supply of uplifting material. Your exquisite taste rocks! 😉

In this post, I will like to mention from personal experience, some things to bear in mind when next you decide to travel with your toddler.

Before travelling, I consulted a few videos and articles from credible websites. All that information was useful to prepare me, but the actual experience was a whole 9 yards, hahah.

Life is a gift, love is a treasure, and so is family.

I hope that these tips below will provide some value or reminder for any parent out there.

  1. Long trips are BORING: I would say that any flight or car ride that is longer than 1 hour IS typically a long trip for a toddler. Prepare to mitigate/manage the boredom. I brought one of our child’s favourite books in our carry-on luggage. I turned on the airplane TV screen and enabled kids-only content. I also ensured that my phone was adequately powered so that we could have some mobile toddler games on stand-by. I alternated between these forms of engagement throughout the flight period. Most importantly, we must thank the Lord for that pretty thing known as sleep. It shortened the trip more than anything else could; plus, it gives parents some time to catch up on new releases while their little one nods off!
  1. Pack a Sack of Snacks: I hope you didn’t miss the rhyme. 😉 Snacks are life-savers! I packed a variety alongside other items for the road. In addition, after we arrived at our destination, we did a grocery stop to stock up. I would take a bunch of the snacks in our toddler’s back-pack as we went on our daily vacation activities. This is very necessary because the snacks help to fill the child’s stomach and to keep their energy up while the entire family enjoys themselves. In addition, sometimes the new environment may affect your child’s appetite and turn them off a few of their usual. But if you have a snack-pack, your young one will be sure to have something to nibble on which could sustain them until you find a proper meal which they will accept.
  1. Keep your child safe and in sight ALL the time: Toddlers are active beings. They have only recently discovered the use of their limbs at infancy, and they will not hesitate to move at the slightest side-attraction. They want the liberty to explore their environment and check out new things by themselves. However, their inherent sense of self-preservation and ability to differentiate safe from unsafe conditions are highly inadequate. They need an adult guardian (us) to do the job of ensuring they are safe ALL the time. For us, we travelled with a lightweight stroller. Our boy agreed to sit on the stroller many times but very often, he would get tired of it and demand that we get him out of it. He wanted his liberty to move about at will. Lol!!! At the airport, I saw a toddler tethered to his dad by a curly leash and I almost lost it with laughter. The sight was so funny but I thought to myself, “Well deserving for these little humans!”
  1. Remember the hygiene essentials: I am sure that every parent would typically remember this point, but indulge me as I remind you. Please carry along the essentials like a change of clothes, diapers, moisturizing cream and wipes if your child still requires them. You will find a comprehensive list of items to pack for your child’s use while on the plane on the Government of Canada website. Nothing can disrupt your vacation itinerary like not having the essentials to manage the situation when an accident happens. I went out every vacation day with a fully “equipped” backpack. I probably felt like I was a part of a Brigade chanting “Be prepared!”
  1. Carry a water-bottle: From a travel-preparation video that I watched on YouTube before travelling, I got the idea to go with an empty water-bottle while checking in at the airport. Then, as we set out each day to see sights and participate in fun activities, I filled the bottle and took it along, mostly for our toddler. It was helpful on countless occasions. The one evening when I didn’t have any more water when he needed some turned out to be my least favourite train ride. Our child was cranky, I was uncomfortable and I couldn’t wait for the ride to be over.
  1. Take along necessary medication: I took along some over-the-counter pain relief medication and menthol balm in my handbag. Of course, required medication should be provided for all members of the family including the child(ren). Remember to include any other prescribed medication being taken by members of your household at the time of your travel.
  1. Stay flexible: Be prepared to move things around in your plan to accommodate your young one. Remember that it is their vacation as much as it is yours. Their attention span is not as long as an adult’s. Their energy and endurance level are not the same as yours. What you find interesting, such as the history of a building/place/piece or the quality of building material may not appeal to them at all. Therefore, extend grace to your child. Monitor their body language to identify when they need to retire. Also, like we sometimes did, you could engage your child with games or music while you focus your attention on what interests you.
  1. Make up your mind to enjoy yourselves: This was one of the most important decisions we made! That whether we find our regular fave restaurants or not; whether we were exhausted from all the sights and sounds and new experiences, we were going to enjoy it all. And that is exactly what we did! We soaked it all in. Wasn’t that the purpose of travelling in the first place? We took lots of pictures so much so that at the end of the vacation, our son would happily shout, “Cheeeeese!” whenever everyone was together and there was a phone at hand. Life is a gift, love is a treasure, and so is family.

I absolutely enjoyed vacationing with our toddler! My husband and I have gone on a few trips on our own in the past; but I can tell you that this one was far more interesting, and for reasons other than the location of the vacation or the activities carried out.

Can you think of any other note-worthy tip for travelling with toddlers?


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