A post about self-acceptance.
This is my life.
This, right here, is my life. And that’s okay.
This place I am in, in this moment, is my life; and I am loving it!
I know. I know it may not be everything I thought it will be.
I know there are things I wish were different; things I hope will change.
But that’s okay. I love my life.
I know that I expected to be married by now.
But it’s okay. I love this life that I have.
I know that I expected that my kids will be married now.
But for now, I get to enjoy life with just them. And that’s good.
It hurts that we aren’t able to have our own babies yet.
But I am elated that I can be the cool aunt to my friends’ children.
I thought I would have been promoted by the end of this month.
But I like this opportunity that allows me to continue to work on something I am an expert at.
Yea, my classmates have all moved into corporate leadership roles.
I am happy for them. But I like that I am working on my Start-up.
I am disappointed that I haven’t yet secured my dream job.
But I am thankful that I have something that puts food on my table.
See, I have something precious, something golden: Contentment.
And when I sprinkle it over what I have,
Everything becomes more than enough, more than average.
So, when I tell you that I love this life that I have in this moment,
You best believe it!

This is my life, and I love it!


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