Dear Exceller,

Growing up, back-to-school routine for my siblings and I revolved around THE LIST. Our parents usually required each of us to make a list of our necessities for the term which typically comprised of one’s preferred food items, toiletries, stationery, etc. along with their costs.

After we had turned in our lists, my dad would review, screen out the items he considered as nonessentials (unless you are able to convince them otherwise 🤣) and give us the money for the updated list. Each of us would then proceed to purchase what we needed for school.

School resumption prep complete. ✅

School fees and textbooks were considered “higher priority necessities” 😬 by our parents and handled directly by them. God bless all thoughtful parents and guardians around the world.

Now that I think of THE LIST, the only thing that confuses me is why the older siblings usually got more allocation than the rest. I mean, do they have more weeks in one semester?! 😅 One “injustice” that I will NEVER complain about though, is the fact that we the females usually had more items on our lists than my brothers, and as such, are more likely to get more funds. 🤣🤣 For one, there are toiletries that we need, that the boys will never need. So, technically, no injustice in that.

Do you or does your family have a back-to-school routine? What do you typically have on your list? These are the things that need to be put in check and provided before or during resumption.

A need is something that is required to accomplish a goal (something that is important for your survival), while a want is not totally necessary but would make life comfortable or enjoyable. Basic needs include resources that are required for the session such as tuition fees, textbooks, handouts, technical materials as well as edibles.

For some, the necessities may go beyond physical needs to emotional, social needs and otherwise. It may include considerations such as; “How well has my communication skills, academic performance, leadership skills or self-esteem improved, and how do I plan on working on them in the new session?

Whatever you consider necessities for the school year, I pray that God will supply all your needs and also include some of your wants, so that you have enough to enjoy.

If I would recommend two additional items for your list, they will be:

  1. A work planner for your semester’s / term’s deliverables. Highly recommend, especially for students who want to stay on top of all their weekly assignments and other tasks.
  1. A word of promise for your semester’s success. Just as individuals or business executives do establish a theme for their year, christian excellers can ask God for a bible verse that will govern and drive their semester.

If you do not know how to go about this, I am happy to lend you one of my favourites which you can personalize. 💕

“…There is a spirit in man, the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding.” (Job 32:8)

Customize this verse with your name, stick it to your bed corner or your computer screen, and say it to yourself as many times as you need to – while praying, when anxious, when bored, every time!

“There is a Spirit in Jane/John. The inspiration of the Almighty gives her/him understanding.”

I pray that you will have a deep and wholesome understanding of all your subjects in the coming school year; and as a result, stand out among your peers. ❤️

“There is a Spirit in me; the inspiration of the Almighty gives me understanding.

iConfess. theBible

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