After catching up on holiday gists and school resumption, Bimbo asked Nancy her friend if she could write out her target results for the new session.

Nancy smiled with a lot of enthusiasm and wrote out all her courses, attaching an “A+” to each of them.

Bimbo picked up the paper, scanned through it and asked her how she wished to accomplish it, and Nancy’s response was; “Well, I’ll just read my books really well. 🤷”

Nancy’s previous session’s performance was below average, and it got Bimbo really concerned. She knew Nancy was smart and so couldn’t understand why she kept performing poorly. 

“Didn’t you read all through last session?” Bimbo asked.

Nancy nodded in affirmation.

“You can’t get a better result with the exact same effort you put in previously.” Bimbo told her simply.

They both sat down and drew a more precise plan, writing out her areas of weaknesses and drawing an improved reading timetable with daily and weekly tasks and drills to assess her.

It is no doubt that most students want to be the best in their classes. it’s pretty much a popular wish. However, as the saying goes, “If wishes were horses, … “😅.

We can’t produce good results by merely writing out our long-term targets. Writing is a first step but, we must also set up daily and weekly goals and plans; and back them up with action.

For example, if one of your goals for the year is to secure 3 scholarships, you might need set up a weekly task of searching out new scholarships and consistently applying for them in order to secure the goal.

We should also consider how the goals we set in other areas of our lives could affect our academics. For instance, I might want to become a professional basketball player or pianist this year and the activities associated with such activities would require a lot of time investment. That would in turn affect my study time and it will then be a matter of setting our priorities right and giving what is important more time and attention per time.

In conclusion, ensure your long-term yearly goals align with your short-term goals and learn to set daily and weekly targets to achieve these goals.

– Janey A

*Featured Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

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