Time Management

Back when I was in high school, my class had a brief talk session with our Physics teacher. (He was intellectually versatile 🥺 and I really enjoyed his classes). First, he asked us to calculate the number of hours there are in 10 years. We gladly did. Then he asked us to convert that to minutes and seconds. Calculators punching and pens scribbling, we all chorused the answers.
Then, he asked us to calculate the number of minutes that makes up a year and multiply it with our age to get the amount of time we’ve spent so far on earth (in minutes and then in seconds).

We did that and many of us exclaimed when we saw the amount!
That’s a lot!

(I probably almost lost you if you do not like maths, but do not worry. Stay with me, because that’s all the math we will be talking about today!) 

When I think of the concept of time management, that session with my Physics teacher always comes to mind.
I can only imagine how many seconds of my life have been spent on my different interests and activities including sleep, studies, spirituality, socializing, and maybe even some frivolities.

Basically, the human life is measured by time; number of days lived to months, years, decades and so on.
Whenever I try to idle away or spend my time on irrelevant things, I always remember that my life is gradually ticking away.

Irrespective of whatever stage of life we are in, be it schooling or full-time work, we have something we’re trying to achieve. When we keep that target in mind, we can build our daily activities towards achieving the goal. For students, we have talked about the necessity of prioritizing your academics. More time should be allocated to activities that are in line with your top priority.

Time management involves organising, planning and controlling time spent on different tasks.

Tips for Building Effective Time Management Skills:

  1. Write out your goals, study them and strategize on the best means on achieving them.
  • ensure to set realistic goals too. 😉
  1. Create your scale of preference and list out daily and weekly tasks for each of your goal. It’s always better to work on your goals daily because small steady steps produce great results. 🤗
  2. Assign a time limit to complete your daily and weekly tasks. You can keep a small journal for this. (I do this weekly and monthly and it makes me feel like a boss!) 🙃
  3. Learn to take a break. All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy 🙂. You can create time for hangouts with friends, time for some social activities and also enough time to rest because our body needs it.

While considering these tips, I’d also want you to make a list of the things you know takes your time daily. For example, spending hours on social media, playing video games, chatting with friends, etc. Once you’ve made this list, find ways to gradually cut down on them, so that your life will not be wasted on most of these.

Time management has great benefits. It makes you organized, gives you more confidence in handling tasks and improves your overall effectiveness.
Work on organizing your activities daily and ensure to stay consistent. If something goes amiss and you miss out some activities on your schedule, do not be discouraged. Keep sticking to it. You’ll certainly get the hang of it! 🙂


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