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Gender Equity

Dear Exceller,

How many of you females can boast of servicing a generator, checking for faults in a car or changing engine oil? 😂I certainly cannot do any of these listed tasks 🙃😂 …

As an inquisitive child, while it was exciting watching my dad clean up our generator at home and manually pull the starter-rope till it comes on. I would usually go there to give it a try when he was not home. Whenever he meets me doing so, he would tell me to go and help my mum in the kitchen because “engine works” are not for ladies. Today, I’m an adult and I can’t start a generator without a male’s help😂…

We just celebrated International Women’s Day and it was nice seeing uplifting posts about women. This year’s theme was on “Embracing Equity”.

Gender equity according to the UNFPA resources is the process of being fair to women and men.

Before considering gender, I always love to bear in mind that we are all humans and of course no one likes to be treated unfairly. We’ve had great women who has fought gender bias in the past and women till date still making efforts to ensure their voices are heard in all sectors of the economy.

I believe gender equity starts in the home. We often see unfair sharing of home chores when it relates to the male and female kids at home. We can start by fixing those loopholes in the home.

As much as I believe my dad had my best interest when he asked me to stay away from engines, I still feel he’d have given me an opportunity to learn how it works because there won’t be a male to help every time. Also, when parents try to keep their male kids away from the kitchen, saying cooking is for ladies, I often imagine how they’ll cope when there’s no female around to help them cook.

Women should learn to make attempts in male dominated spaces and be ready to put in the work to create a balance. Aspire to be the best in your field. Do not feel intimidated when you are the only lady in the room. You have a mighty force and you will certainly stand out.

Also, some persons associate certain lady’s successes with the fact that she’s “a woman” and must have gotten to that position because of gender privileges and not based on merit or hard work.

I understand there are increasing opportunities for women but I believe there are still ladies who work extremely hard to get to positions they are in. These ladies understand that life is not a bed of roses and sometimes, to gain voice in a man’s world, you must put in the work and show competence.

I would love to share some special Women’s Day quotes with you. 😊

“In a world that wants women to whisper, I choose to yell!” —Luvvie Ajayi

“You have to be consistent. You have to be yourself. You have to be committed to what you’re doing. You have to not be afraid to be ambitious.” —Roxane Gay

“Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.” —Michelle Obama


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