Academic Success

The Experience 4 – Where Is The Library?

Where is The Library?  “A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.” – Shelby Foote There are various buildings in a school – the lecture halls, the hostels, the restaurants, the […]

Handling Failure On Your Way To Success 2

This post is sequel to the earlier post,  Handling Failure On Your Way To Success 1 in which two important tips for dealing with setbacks on one’s success journey were given. You may want to open […]

Tips For Preparing A Study Timetable

“Study to show yourself approved to God…” II Tim. 2:15 A few of my friends have bitterly asked. Why do they spend time studying and end up forgetting during the examinations? How do they deal […]


I have written a number of blog posts on academic success in the past but in this article, I am so excited to be drawing specifically from a recent personal experience. A couple of years […]

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